Nestled in the heart of Puerto Princesa City, Gintong Butil Agri Farm is a one-of-a-kind farm tourism destination, managed and operated by the City Agriculture Office. Spanning 40 hectares, the farm is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and offers visitors a chance to explore its various plantations and projects for free.

Begin your journey with a stroll across the hanging bridge and visit the Bamboo Demo Garden where you can admire 42 species of bamboo, each more unique than the last. From there, wander over to the Citrus-Based Farming System, Fishpond Aquaponics, Cacao Selou Grave and Seed Garden, Calamansi Selou Grave, and Urban (Containerized) Garden Demo. These projects highlight the farm’s commitment to sustainability and the importance of quality food production.

For those looking to bring a piece of Gintong Butil back with them, the Containerized Garden will teach you how to create a farm in your own urban space. And, after exploring the farm, you can purchase fresh produce and seafood at the Kadiwa Market.

In addition to its productive purpose, the farm is also a feast for the eyes. Ornamental plants are artistically arranged, making every photo an Instagram-worthy moment. The farm also features a Hugot Park, a Garden of Hope, and a Reflexology Walkway for a more leisurely experience.

Finally, no trip to Gintong Butil is complete without a taste of the fresh produce. Their tilapia paired with blue rice, maruya (banana fritter) dessert, and calamansi juice is a sumptuous feast that will tantalize your taste buds.

The City Agriculture Office hopes to inspire a new generation of farmers through Gintong Butil Agri Farm, reminding us of the importance of putting quality food on the table through the noble profession of farming. So, whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just looking to immerse yourself in a unique experience, make sure to include Gintong Butil Agri Farm in your itinerary.

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